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Erika Taju Spiritual Life Coach
Owner and Founder of INNER PEACE HEALING.

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People want a safe haven, a place where they can freely talk about their problems and find a solution. People want someone they can trust enough to help them shift their thinking from despair to appreciation.
INNER PEACE HEALING provides individuals support who are experiencing hardship or difficulty in their lives and helps people gain a new or deeper understanding of the world they live in.
As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, I help people get a clear understanding of the goals they want to achieve, gain clarity in their purpose in life, and help individuals dealing with a crisis, struggling through a divorce, dealing with grief, loss, trauma, or having a hard time dealing with the loss of a loved one, or a child. I help clients find inner peace, happiness, and stability in their lives. I am here to help you get results.

Erika Taju

Owner, Inner Peace Healing
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Life Coaching

We Will Help You

Get your life back..!

At Your Pace

No need to rush things. You will practice mindfulness and visualize yourself in the expected outcomes.

Professional Help

We will work with you throughout the time to think consciously and reinforce positive thoughts and events.


Our solutions are tailored to individuals and their unique situations. No two cases are treated the same.


We commit to our client agreements. All discussions and information are kept strictly confidential.

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