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Frequently Asked Questions.

We understand that you might have questions you’d like answers to. If you are wondering how we can help, here is a FREE pre-qualification form that will help us evaluate your needs. We have also provided some answers that can help you get started. 

Packages & Sessions

The client will have video coaching sessions with the Spiritual Life Coach on Zoom.
Sessions are once a week for one hour. Also, that really depends on the client, if it's just a one-hour session when needed or if it’s going to be longer than that if a client signs up for one of the Coaching Session Packages.
The Coaching Session Packages are discounted depending on which one the client chooses. Clients save more money in the long run, they can work more closely with the Spiritual Life Coach, and it also allows clients more time to continue working on their spiritual growth and progress.
Yes, at times the Spiritual Life Coach can call the client, or even respond back to the client by email or text between scheduled sessions. If a client signs up for 12 one-hour sessions or 24 one-hour sessions, he/she has two free 45-minute emergency phone calls that can be used to talk with the Spiritual Life Coach after business hours.
A free session will not be offered to potential clients. There is a Free Client Pre-Qualification Form that can be filled out. Once the form is complete, a notification is sent to the Spiritual Life Coach who will either call or email the potential client for a 15-minute consultation at a reasonable time. There is no charge for the 15-minute consultation; this helps to determine if the potential client and the Spiritual Life Coach can work together and to ensure the potential client is ready to move forward. 

Expertise, Terms and Agreements

Erika Taju has over 25 years of customer service experience in the retail industry and 7 years of banking experience, dealing with the public has helped her to communicate very well with others, and find solutions to problems when it arises.
Erika Taju is Certified as a Spiritual Life Coach. She received her training from Awaken Life Coaching. Her training consisted of coaching practice sessions, spiritual healing modalities, breakthrough trauma techniques, shadow coaching, and light healing mediation.
Yes, and the client will be required to read and sign the terms and conditions for INNER PEACE HEALING that include Release Liability Waiver, Cancellation Policy, No Call No Show Policy, Payments, Refunds, Coach-Client Commitment, and Termination of Agreement.
INNER PEACE HEALING has a no-call no-show policy which states if the client does not call nor show up for their one-hour session, the client will be charged the full amount for that session, and this is non-refundable. The reason for this is that the schedule is booked, and there are others waiting to get in. When there is a no-call no show it takes that space away from someone else.
The client may request a refund for either the scheduled one-hour session or the amount pertaining to the remaining sessions that have not been completed. If approved, a refund will be issued to the customer's wallet as a credit which can be used to book new sessions. In addition to the general guidelines, please keep in mind cash refunds will be considered on an individual basis and at the discretion of the owner of INNER PEACE HEALING.

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